Organizing Your UX Portfolio Website

Key components of your portfolio site:

1. Home page 🏡

Give a brief overview of who you are, and your work.

2. About me page 😎

Your about me page will be visited, a lot. Give your audience a sense of who you are, your design process, your values and skills. 

3. Case studies 🧳

This is where you go into depth into each of your project case studies. You can view how to do this on this page:

👉🏼 Note: These are the basic components, if you write articles, or have spoken at conferences, then you can include that as another section of your portfolio. 

Why an online portfolio? 🤔

• PDF’s are big, hard to email, and get lost in the shuffle

• URLs are easy to add to a candidate profile, and are often required for UX applications

• Prototypes are hard to add into a pdf or a static platform

• URLs look more professional, and “branded”- you look serious about your UX career

It’s best to keep your portfolio simple and focused, don’t feel like you need to fill it up with other content 😉.